Blender 3D Decorative Tray Set from iMeshh

Dive into the realm of realistic design with our Blender 3D model decorative tray set. Representing the fine craftsmanship of, this Blender model showcases a mix of modern and traditional elements, ideal for diverse settings.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Elements: This Blender 3D model comprises a glass decanter with a shining top, clear glasses, standing candles, a textured cloth, and a uniquely designed ornament, all laid on a streamlined tray. Each item in this decorative set brings its own charm.
  • Fine Detailing: Observe the intricate design elements, from the sharp clarity of the glasses to the cloth’s subtle texture and the box’s sleek design. Every detail in these Blender models is a testament to quality craftsmanship.
  • Blender Compatibility: Specifically crafted for users of Blender 3.5 and newer, adding these pieces to your 3D designs is straightforward.
  • Suitable for Multiple Setups: This Blender furniture model set is not limited to one setting. Be it a modern living room or a classy bedroom, these items enhance the ambiance.


This decorative tray set, rich in detail and versatility, is a must-have for those looking to elevate their Blender 3D designs. Presented by, it guarantees quality and style in every piece.


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Tray Decorative Set 04

Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04 (87.19 MB)Download
Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04 gltf (44.49 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 14055

✓ Dimensions: 63 x 30 x 32 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

Expand File Contents (87.19 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04.blend (1.38 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04.fbx (808.62 KB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04.png (1.84 MB)
    •  textures
      •  BookEdgeNormal1.jpg (396.82 KB)
      •  Book_Cover_4-multiply.jpg (73.31 KB)
      •  Book_Edge_2.jpg (165.29 KB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Chromix_Bronze_Diffuse_2k.jpg (936.83 KB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Chromix_Bronze_Normal_2k.jpg (3.05 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Chromix_Bronze_Roughness_2k.jpg (1.17 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Marble_Valmassino_Grey_Diffuse_2k.jpg (801.61 KB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Marble_Valmassino_Grey_Normal_2k.jpg (1.67 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Marble_Valmassino_Grey_Roughness_2k.jpg (1.05 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Rock_Metal_Light_Grey_Diffuse_2k.jpg (812.15 KB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Rock_Metal_Light_Grey_Normal_2k.jpg (2.80 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Rock_Metal_Light_Grey_Roughness_2k.jpg (1.18 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_BaseColor_4k.jpg (3.91 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_FallOff_4k.jpg (2.75 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_Normal_4k.png (33.10 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_Roughness_4k.jpg (6.18 MB)
      •  iMeshh-WallNRM.jpg (1.32 MB)
      •  Plastic_Marked_glossiness.jpg (356.09 KB)
      •  Plastic_Marked_normal.jpg (290.22 KB)
      •  TW_0014_Wood14_Diffuse4K.jpg (4.73 MB)
      •  TW_0014_Wood14_Normal4K.jpg (13.81 MB)
      •  TW_0014_Wood14_Roughness4K.jpg (3.51 MB) (44.49 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Tray_04.glb (45.32 MB)

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