Blender 3D Culinary Set from iMeshh

Step into a meticulously designed culinary world with this Blender 3D set from Every 3D model within this collection captures the essence of a modern kitchen, blending practicality with an elegant touch. It’s the perfect set for those who are passionate about enriching their Blender scenes with high-quality 3D elements.

Key Features:

  • 3D Wooden Chopping Board: Standing tall and proud, this Blender 3D model of a chopping board offers a light, fine-grained texture, setting the stage for a culinary masterpiece.
  • Intriguing 3D Cookbook: The “HEAVEN” cookbook in this 3D set is a culinary gem. With its stylish monochromatic cover, it adds a touch of sophistication to any Blender kitchen scene.
  • 3D Ceramic Bowls and Mug: These 3D models present a duo of minimalist ceramic bowls alongside a uniquely textured mug. Their soft tones make them versatile additions, fitting seamlessly into various kitchen aesthetics.
  • 3D Olive Oil Bottle: This Blender 3D model of an olive oil bottle, complete with a detailed label, is a symbol of gourmet cuisine. Its sleek design enhances the rich ambiance of any kitchen setup.
  • 3D Garlic Bulbs and Cloth: Adding a dash of authenticity, the garlic bulbs and draped cloth are 3D models that bring a natural and rustic feel, enriching the overall scene.
  • Optimized for Blender: Designed meticulously for Blender 3.5 and above, this set of 3D models ensures a hassle-free integration into your culinary scenes.


With its range of carefully crafted 3D models, this set from offers a balanced fusion of functionality and style. For Blender enthusiasts aiming to elevate their kitchen scenes with impeccable 3D designs, this collection stands out as an exceptional choice.


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Kitchen Decorative Set 03

Kitchen_03 (82.87 MB)Download
Kitchen_03_glTF (46.93 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 437469

✓ Dimensions: 50 x 52 x 68 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

✓ License Type: Royalty Free

Expand File Contents (82.87 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_03
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_03.blend (8.82 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_03.fbx (26.47 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_03.png (1.98 MB)
    •  textures
      •  BookEdge1.jpg (50.62 KB)
      •  BookEdgeNormal1.jpg (396.82 KB)
      •  Book_Cover_14.jpg (208.66 KB)
      •  Book_Cover_2.jpg (268.12 KB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Marble_Grain_Sparkle_White_Diffuse_2k.jpg (0.96 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Marble_Grain_Sparkle_White_Normal_2k.jpg (2.66 MB)
      •  Decor_Panel_Marble_Grain_Sparkle_White_Roughness_2k.jpg (1.21 MB)
      •  Dirtmap.jpg (221.96 KB)
      •  DirtmapNormal.jpg (2.62 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_BaseColor_2k.jpg (1.44 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_Displacement_2k.jpg (1.35 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_FallOff_2k.jpg (867.11 KB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_Normal_2k.png (10.15 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_Roughness_2k.jpg (2.09 MB)
      •  Fabric_Schloff_Linen_Brown_01_white.jpg (1.44 MB)
      •  Garlic1_u1_v1_diffuse.jpg (1.99 MB)
      •  Garlic1_u1_v1_normal.jpg (2.50 MB)
      •  GarlicOpen1_u1_v1_diffuse.jpg (2.29 MB)
      •  GarlicOpen1_u1_v1_normal.jpg (3.13 MB)
      •  oil1Diffuse.jpg (234.28 KB)
      •  oil1metallic.jpg (193.58 KB)
      •  oil1Opacity2.jpg (95.81 KB)
      •  Oil1OpacityMaps.jpg (87.47 KB)
      •  PaintStokeNormal_2K.jpg (451.46 KB)
      •  PaintStokeRoughness_2K.jpg (1.02 MB)
      •  TF-0011 Fabric Wrinkles Height_4k JPG.jpg (2.50 MB)
      •  WhiteCeramic_diffuse.jpg (1.06 MB)
      •  WhiteCeramic_glossiness.jpg (1.06 MB)
      •  WhiteCeramic_normal.jpg (262.87 KB)
      •  wood_oak_vicenza_grey_diffuse_2k.jpg (1.00 MB)
      •  wood_oak_vicenza_grey_normal_2k.jpg (2.99 MB)
      •  wood_oak_vicenza_grey_roughness_2k.jpg (0.98 MB) (46.93 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_03
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_03.glb (49.91 MB)

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