Blender 3D Pop Art Ensemble from iMeshh

Unveil a burst of color and artistic expression with this 3D Pop Art Ensemble, handcrafted especially for Blender 3D enthusiasts. This collection features a striking pink lamp with a glossy, spherical top, creating a balance of playful audacity and sleek design. Accompanied by a “FLINT” magazine adorned with eclectic imagery, this 3D asset offers an intriguing blend of modern aesthetics and nostalgic vibes. Presented by, this set is a testament to blending visual appeal with precision in 3D modeling.

Key Features:

  • Pop Art Inspired Design: The bright pink lamp, with its tiered structure, is a nod to the boldness of pop art, making any virtual environment come alive with color.
  • Detailed 3D Textures: The magazine, showcasing a range of images, adds depth and a touch of realism to the 3D model set.
  • Compatibility Plus: Designed with Blender users in mind, this 3D model ensures smooth integration for those using Blender 3.5 and above.
  • Diverse Application: From modern living spaces to chic commercial settings, this 3D asset adds a splash of vibrancy wherever it’s placed.


The Pop Art Ensemble is more than just a 3D model; it’s a celebration of art and color. For those keen on bringing a touch of artistic flair to their Blender projects, this set is a must-have. Trust iMeshh’s dedication to quality and let your virtual spaces burst with creativity and style.


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Living Decorative Set 15

Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15 (21.79 MB)Download
Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15 gltf (31.15 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 83364

✓ Dimensions: 33 x 29 x 35 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

✓ License Type: Royalty Free

Expand File Contents (21.79 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15.blend (1.32 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15.fbx (1.29 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15.fbx.rsls
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15.glb.rsls
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15.png (1.72 MB)
    •  textures
      •  BookEdge1.jpg (50.76 KB)
      •  BookEdgeNormal1.jpg (396.82 KB)
      •  Book_Cover_16.jpg (338.13 KB)
      •  Book_inside_comic1.jpg (472.01 KB)
      •  Dirtmap.jpg (220.33 KB)
      •  DirtmapNormal.jpg (2.62 MB)
      •  GalvanizedSteel01_2K_BaseColor.jpg (870.50 KB)
      •  GalvanizedSteel01_2K_Normal.jpg (1.50 MB)
      •  GalvanizedSteel01_2K_Roughness.jpg (870.33 KB)
      •  kris3d_a_polaroid_photo_of_a_swimming_pool_1970s_summer_scene_f1f1b372-86e9-42ca-89aa-6a54fc1bcf13.jpg (330.20 KB)
      •  loveyourself.jpg (28.61 KB)
      •  Metal011_2K_Color.jpg (590.90 KB)
      •  Metal011_2K_NormalGL.jpg (3.28 MB)
      •  Metal011_2K_Roughness.jpg (563.52 KB)
      •  Paper003_2K_NormalGL.jpg (2.53 MB)
      •  Paper003_2K_Roughness.jpg (110.33 KB)
      •  Photo_Colourswatch_photo.jpg (105.26 KB)
      •  Plastic_glossiness.jpg (1.64 MB)
      •  Plastic_normal.jpg (422.87 KB)
      •  Polaroid_yellow_photo.jpg (213.11 KB)
      •  TW_0014_Wood14_Diffuse4K.jpg (353.81 KB)
      •  TW_0014_Wood14_Normal4K.jpg (153.56 KB)
      •  TW_0014_Wood14_Roughness4K.jpg (260.44 KB) (31.15 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Living_15.glb (31.69 MB)

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