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Up to $100k annual revenue.
Charged Yearly
$ 6
25 / month
  • Single seat
  • Download all 1500+ assets
  • 30 new assets added each month
  • Access to a Private Discord
  • Commercial use
  • Collaborator discounts


Over $100k annual revenue.
Charged Yearly
$ 39
/ month
  • 10 Seats
  • Download all 1500+ assets
  • 30 new assets added each month
  • Access to a Private Discord
  • Commercial use
  • Collaborator discounts


Access to Freebies
  • Unlimited access to our products and services. We will work closely with your team to understand your needs and objectives to create a customised solution.

Our website requires an active subscription to download any products. If a user cancels their PayPal or Stripe subscription our system will also deactivate the subscription and download button. We recommend all users download all assets they need before cancelling.

Why us?

👌 Made in-house by Professionals!

Does it sometimes feel like a gamble when you download 3D models from online marketplaces? You pay $20 for one model, download it and then realise it’s basically useless?

Finding assets that look good from online marketplaces can be a real struggle! Not only that, their pricing varies greatly making it impossible to know what value you’re getting.

That is why we made iMeshh! We make all our assets in-house with our own professional 3D artists. This means we can quality control everything before it is uploaded.

🥳 $10,000 worth of assets... Really!

If you’re looking to get into Arch-viz or build a business then there is no better investment than getting instant access to our library at such an incredible price.

Our library has well over 1500+ assets. That would cost you roughly $7 per asset on comparable marketplaces. 

That comes to over $10,000!! 😮

With our entire library of 1500+ assets, meaning each asset has a value of is less than $0.10. This is unheard of in the industry.

❤️ Start making money in Archviz

We know what it is like trying to make a business in the 3D industry. Along side trying to manage your own costs, you also want to impress your clients so they give you more work.

That is a huge motivation for us at iMeshh. We want to give all 3D artists the tools to create gorgeous renders at the lowest price possible.

By adding our products into your scene, you can guarantee they will help to elevate your renders, ultimately winning clients and making money!

If we can help get you there, our jobs are complete!


🤯It doesn't stop there

  1. We release up to 30 new assets per month, almost 360 more per year with a combined value of over $2500! Our active subscribers also get access to these for free, included in their original purchase! 
  2. NO CREDITS! We are happy to let our users download any asset they like without a monthly download cap like nearly every other online store.
  3. Bundles, Scenes and exclusive offers available to all subscribers.
  4. Private discord for Archviz help and support by other professionals 

Made for Blender

Blender is at the core of what we do. The community and enthusiasm that comes along with it is incredible. We will always make our 3D models and textures for Blender.

You can be assured every model will render beautifully in even the latest versions of Blender.

What Our Customers Have To Say

iMeshh has been trusted by 1000s of artists around the world. Join with us and directly feel the benefit of our high quality assets for your Blender projects.


Chris Airey
In a word "EXCELLENT
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imeshh is an absolute must for anyone from hobbyist to professional. They have a large library of both materials and assets for use in archviz which grows month by month and these are of the highest quality. They have some free things on their site, but the cost for the subscription to what you get for it is a no brainer. Along side of this, I have found the guys to be very approachable with any questions regarding their own products, but also on help and advice through their discord community which I am constantly learning from. Subscribe, you will not be disappointed 🙂
Chris Jones
IMeshh should be part of your toolset
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IMeshh is an excellent resource that's getting better by the month. It's particularly aimed at Blender archviz users but I could see it being useful in other applications too. I often start to use it once I've created a base model and need to start fleshing out designs, and without IMeshh I simply couldn't make that leap forward. Highly recommended!
Artur Prip
A must for Archviz and more...
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I found iMeshh when starting a project for a client. Had to do interior design for bedrooms, made detailed bed models, but had to populate the bedroom and adjecant rooms, thats where iMeshh came in. This helped tremendously both in terms of time saving, but also lets me focus on other important parts of projects. * Photorealistic Models * Realistic Materials & Textures * Easy to use Asset Manager for Blender * Amazing Discord Community! So all in all a massive help for me as a professional. When you use iMeshh its not just the models, but also a massive community that you get into, that is there to help, assist and give you feedback on your work. Simply amazing!
Mr Steele
Excellent quality models with fine…
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Excellent quality models with fine attention to the details that really bring the models to life. The asset manager is also an incredibly useful tool. And all for a modest price - really pleased to have found this resource. Keep up the good work!
M. Danion Jean-Charles
Just the better archviz stuff !
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Just one year on blender after years on sketchup, i try so many way to improve my render, free stuff, paid subscription too expensive etc.. and i found imeshh ! Awesome price/quality stuff !!! And also good ressources distribution ! You can change material on any item ! Best hdri systèm ever ! I'm so exited to see the New imeshh manager too ! Imeshh keep going on like blender ! Day after Day better ! I recommend at 100% !
Gunter H.
What a great find!
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I have been with Imeshh for over a year now and could not be happier. High quality models and textures with great attention to details, while maintaining computer resource efficiency. New uploads every month and the ability to modify, ensures that I have most of what I need for each project in one place. Any questions are replied to and resolved quickly by this friendly and knowledgeable group which further enhances my experience. I really appreciate the simple structure and very fair fee which gives me access to all I need, without having to track how many credits I've used each month. Thank you Imeshh, Keep up the Great Work!
Max Maurel
Time saver !
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imessh is a time, if not a life saver ! Thanks for all those fine models !Thank you Imeshh, Keep up the Great Work!
Katie Korwal
Gorgeous photorealistic models at an amazing price
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I absolutely LOVE iMeshh! The 3D models are some of the best, most photorealistic I've seen, and at a terrific price. The style of the iMeshh models is my signature style - clean, modern, Scandinavian - and an excellent selection to choose from. The iMeshh Asset Manager has also been a huge plus; just waiting for it to be fully updated for 3.0 but it still works in 3.0 without any hassle. When I purchased my subscription during the Black Friday sale, I thought it would just be to take advantage of the sale price and then discontinue it before renewal. Now that I've seen the quality of the assets, I will definitely be renewing each year for many years to come! Added bonus: the iMeshh tutorials by Kris are amazing and some of the best tutorials I've taken for Blender overall. Investing in an iMeshh subscription is one of the best purchases I've made. Highly recommended!

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