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Features of the FREE iMeshh Asset Manager 3.0 addon for Blender

Speed up your projects with an asset manager that was made to work perfectly with our store products and work flow. Professional level Asset Management.

Latest 3.0 features:

  • Totally rebuilt from the ground up
  • No more need for the very specific folder structure for your blend files
  • Search bar
  • Much more user friendly preferences
  • Snap on import – Append and drag into place
  • If no thumbnail is available it will use Blender auto-generated thumbnails!
  • Unlimited number of sub-categories for your asset library – Simply press the + icon and add a directory, then tell it what type of folder it is

iMeshh Asset Manager Preferences Panel

Features that also come with the Blender Asset Manager

  • Completely free!

  • Creates the perfect Arch-Vis folder structure for you

  • Has an “All” category to each blend file in one place

  • Enlarge thumbnails and open .blend files for assets

  • Uses the product images that are with the .blend folder as thumbnails

  • iMeshh website link to pick up more freebies

  • Link assets into the scene

  • Add assets to the cursor

  • One of the most advanced HDRI control panels:
    Beta Ground Projection
    HDRI strength split into independent values – Diffuse, Glossy, Transmission
    HDRI Colour management
    Background replcacement

Past updates 🔥

21.10.2020 – v0.2.79 – Big update!
Bringing addon updated to 2.9
Allow users to Append assets
Allow users to import an object at the cursor
Fixed errors with categories not displaying
Various other bug fixes

29.10.2020- v0.2.81
Minor bug fix which caused Blender to crash when using material preview after appending or linking old assets

31.10.20- v0.2.9
Advanced HDRI settings. 
This huge update will allow you to adjust and fine tune all the HDRI settings including Ground/Dome Projection (this is beta), HDRI strength settings for all light path values, colour management and background replacement.

Simply find the HDR you want to add, and then click Import HDR and it will import this and the settings will display.

05.11.20- v0.2.97
TABS! We now allow users to select different paths which contain their 3D assets, materials and their HDRIs. The user can then quickly switch between them and this will drastically decrees the time it takes to select the new assets

These tabs are a huge update and we are so happy we could add this method of organisation to our asset manager. We hope it increases the workflow for their Blender projects considerably!

We are planning a full re-build of this asset manager right now and hoping to bring out the next big update in a couple of months. If you have any feature requests then please get in contact so we can add it to the list!

NOTE: Known error with Mac OS, it may not import or display products correctly. We are looking into this.

How to get started

  1. Install the asset manager by clicking “install” under preferences, and load in the entire .zip
  2. Choose your asset library main folder or folders. 
  3. Choose your material library folder or folders.
  4. Choose your HDRI folder or folders
  5. It will use your computer directory for displaying the categories! No messing around
  6. Click Append or Link to add your chosen asset into the scene

Why don't I just use the new Blender Asset Browser?

Let’s not forget, the new Blender Asset Browser is incredible and is a great addition to Blender for asset management. The fact it comes with Blender is amazing!

So what’s the problem?

As long time Arch-Vis artists, we have built huge libraries of Assets and blend files from countless sources; iMeshh, Blender Market, BlendSwap, Turbosquid, CGtrader, etc. Some assets are 8-10 years old! But these models and assets still have their place and we use them regularly. These assets do not work in the new Blender Asset Browser without manually going into each .blend, assigning the models as an asset, then assigning any thumbnail manually, resaving AND THEN choosing which category you want it to go into.

Now, this is amazing for some workflows especially with new assets which have been marked as assets correctly…

However, lets not over complicate asset management for archviz, you have a folder with a .blend which contains everything you need and is already perfectly categorised in your computer directory. So lets use this directory that already exists! Because lets be real, when you have 1000’s of assets, chances are you already have each asset in a nice specific folder that is easy to find. 

Our iMeshh Asset Manager is a no fuss simple solution to display your .blend file in the ALREADY CREATED categories made on your computer. 

If you choose to use the Blender Asset Browser then absolutely go for it, its an amazing tool! If you want to try the iMeshh Asset  manager then lets do it! Try out both and see what type of asset management works for you

Why do you need an asset manager in Blender 3.0?

Asset managers addons for Blender or any 3D software are incredibly useful when you start working professionally or if you start using the same assets very often, even as a hobbiest or student.

Going to File>Append does work fine, but this can very quickly add on many hours of wasted time after a few projects.

Asset manager plugins also allow you to more easy organise your products into easy to manage categories so finding and adding an asset would be far far quicker than doing it manually.

The goal with the iMeshh asset manager is to eventually become personalised to the individual user with different types of needs. We understand that everyone has their own workflow, and to create a tool which other 3D artists can use for their own jobs in a unique way would be a great achievement. Whether this is how they organise their folder structures, or materials, there should be a way to speed up all of these aspects.

At iMeshh we have worked professionally in the industry for many years and built our own asset libraries which push well into into the Terabytes or storage. So we know exactly what we require from a good asset manager to organise all of these assets. 

And, at the time of writing this, iMeshh has over 800 assets and organising those is no small feat. 

We also greatly understand that people use their asset managers not just for arch-vis but for kitbash, sculpting, game assets and other areas, so we want our asset manager to cater to all of these.

So if you’re looking for a Free Blender Asset Manager which will be developed consistently going forward to streamline your workflows into the future then give it a download and see what you think. It is totally free and we would love to know what you think!

It currently works with the most recent version of Blender, along with, of course Cycles and Eevee.

27 thoughts on “iMeshh Asset Manager

    • imeshh says:

      Hmm, do you have any other items in your main assets folder? It should just be the main category folders without any .zips or anything thing else other than the folders

      • bzylek97 says:

        I know why this is so. If I create a folder with a blender or unzip it with .zip – that’s all right. But if I create a folder or copy something through the finder (explorer in macOS) then the add-on does not show me those elements then.

      • imeshh says:

        Oh really? So the the unzipped files work fine, its just the new folders you add through MacOS that don’t work?

      • imeshh says:

        We are currently trying to work on some other updates too and this will definitely be on the list. If you’re able to upload a short clip of how it works then that will help us lots!
        hopefully it won’t take us too long to fix this

    • imeshh says:

      Hi, If you drop your items into 2.8 and set the render engine to Eevee it will work fine. Use the Cycles files as these work in both Eevee and Cycles.

      • imeshh says:

        I’m doing a tutorial for Eevee right now! If you subscribe to our YouTube channel you should be able to see it come soon 🙂

  1. feremengam says:

    imesh is promising to be a great addon. In my machine I have the Simple Asset Manager addon installed (Blender 2.8). I realized that every change i make in Simple asset manager influences imesh. I uninstalled simple asset manager and i had to set the library again

    • imeshh says:


      As we started out with the base code from SAM there may be some conflict as you mentioned there. In what way did it influence the iMeshh addon? We will see if we can ensure its made separate 🙂

    • imeshh says:


      all of our resources are currently going into bringing out some cool new features on our site but we are really hoping to get this completed in the next few weeks, and then we can put our attention back into our much loved Asset manager.
      We really appreciate you wanting to use our add-on to the fullest and we will definitely be trying to complete any fixes ASAP

  2. Yuki Hideyasu says:

    I loved your work and appreciate so much the free goodies and the effort put to make the asset manager free, good job guys!
    I got a problem in the checkout, i altered my address (even in the address page) several times, but still get some error about shipping or something when im doing a checkout.

  3. mbtec64 says:

    Hello, very nice Asset manager – thank you very much.
    Ihave installed it and the Addon works with the 1,3GB-Content.
    I want download the 9GB-Stuff, but i get the text:
    “Sign up! To make any purchases or access this part of the website, you must first sign up for free!”
    ….but i am signed in !
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you very much

  4. Edison Palomo says:

    I created another folder in a way that I understand my files, but they do not appear in the library, they only appear when they are within the folders that are created by default, there is some way to correct this.

    • imeshh says:

      Adding extra folders should be fine, as long as there is:
      Main Category>Sub Category>Asset Folder>Asset.blend

      This is how it works currently, but we are looking to improve this and make it fine assets not in this particular folder structure too.

  5. imeshhcontact says:

    I’m just wondering. Is there a way to make the asset manager more universal? I’ve got some stuff from Chocofur and other vendors as well and having to use different asset managers for all of them is a bit annoying.
    Any thoughts on this?

    • imeshh says:

      You should be able to add any asset you like into our asset manager. Just add the Chocofur product folder into the asset manager sub-category of your choice.
      And just make sure the render thumbnail image is sitting next to the .blend file

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