Blender 3D Breakfast Set from iMeshh

Dive into a heartwarming breakfast scene with this meticulously crafted Blender 3D set from The 3D models within this collection transport you to a cozy morning ambience, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth of toasted bread fill the air. For those looking to enhance their Blender scenes with authentic 3D breakfast elements, this set promises perfection.

Key Features:

  • 3D Coffee Maker: Elegance meets functionality with this Blender 3D model of a classic coffee maker. Its sleek design and silver finish make it a centerpiece of any morning setup.
  • 3D Crusty Bread: The 3D model of a rustic, crusty bread loaf adds an authentic touch to your breakfast scenes. Its detailed textures evoke the sensation of a freshly baked treat.
  • 3D Coffee Mugs: Two distinctive 3D mugs—one with a delicate latte art and the other boasting a golden finish—elevate the luxury of your Blender 3D breakfast setting.
  • 3D Tea Glass with Infuser: Experience the tranquility of a morning tea ritual with this Blender 3D model. The glass with its golden infuser and a transparent lid showcases the beauty of steeping tea leaves.
  • 3D Honey Jar: This Blender 3D model of a honey jar, complete with a wooden dipper, embodies the sweetness of a leisurely breakfast.
  • Compatibility with Blender: Every 3D model in this set is optimized for seamless integration with Blender 3.5 and newer versions, ensuring an effortless blend into your scenes.


This 3D breakfast set from masterfully captures the essence of a luxurious morning feast. For Blender enthusiasts keen on adding depth, authenticity, and charm to their breakfast scenes, this assortment of 3D models is the ultimate choice.


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Kitchen Decorative Set 04

Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04 (97.56 MB)Download
Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04 gltf (123.08 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 323704

✓ Dimensions: 66 x 61 x 22 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

Expand File Contents (97.56 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04.blend (7.43 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04.fbx (17.14 MB)
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04.png (2.00 MB)
    •  textures
      •  Bread_Loaf_1_u1_v1_diffuse.jpg (4.88 MB)
      •  Bread_Loaf_1_u1_v1_normal.png (30.89 MB)
      •  Coffee_maker_man.jpg (38.69 KB)
      •  Coffee_top2.jpg (378.32 KB)
      •  Dirtmap.jpg (220.33 KB)
      •  Green_diffuse.jpg (921.06 KB)
      •  Green_glossiness.jpg (1.06 MB)
      •  Green_normal.jpg (1.22 MB)
      •  grunge.jpg (518.18 KB)
      •  Metal_Polished_normal_4k.jpg (393.79 KB)
      •  Metal_Polished_normal_4k.png (14.15 MB)
      •  Metal_Polished_roughness_4k.jpg (444.59 KB)
      •  OrangeSlice_diff1.jpg (92.30 KB)
      •  OrangeSlice_Normal.jpg (102.15 KB)
      •  OrangeSlice_rough.jpg (107.48 KB)
      •  OrangeSlice_transmission.jpg (66.72 KB)
      •  Paper004_2K_Color.jpg (1.15 MB)
      •  Paper004_2K_NormalGL.jpg (7.16 MB)
      •  Plastic_diffuse.jpg (470.27 KB)
      •  Plastic_glossiness.jpg (1.64 MB)
      •  Plastic_normal.jpg (422.87 KB)
      •  Polished_Old_plastic_normal.jpg (858.57 KB)
      •  SurfaceImperfections012_2K_Normal.jpg (419.39 KB)
      •  WhiteCeramic_diffuse.jpg (1.06 MB)
      •  WhiteCeramic_glossiness.jpg (1.06 MB)
      •  WhiteCeramic_normal.jpg (262.87 KB)
      •  wood_cherry_verona_02_diffuse_2k.jpg (867.68 KB)
      •  wood_cherry_verona_02_normal_2k.jpg (2.34 MB)
      •  wood_cherry_verona_02_roughness_2k.jpg (655.11 KB) (123.08 MB)

  •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04
    •  Decorations_Decor-Sets_Kitchen_04.glb (126.99 MB)

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