Comes with Blender nodes set up already! Can also be used in other software, all maps included!

Check out this amazing new stone wall texture for Blender!
This texture is perfect for creating realistic stone walls in your 3D renders.
With its high resolution and detailed patterns, this texture will add a realistic touch to your scene.

1. High-resolution textures
2. Perfect for Blender 3D
3. Seamless and tileable
4. Realistic stone pattern
5. Quick and easy to use


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Stone Brick Texture 5

TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_8k (549.81 MB)Download
TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_4k (710.22 MB)Download
TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_2k (48.92 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.0+

✓ Dimensions: 2 x 2m

✓ Software: Blender

✓ License Type: Royalty Free

Expand File Contents (549.81 MB)

  •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_8k
    •  textures
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Diffuse_8k.jpg (88.50 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Height_8k.exr (77.46 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Normal_8k.png (340.68 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Roughness_8k.jpg (44.11 MB)
    •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_8k.blend (6.28 MB)
    •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_8k.png (3.48 MB) (710.22 MB)

  •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_4k
    •  textures
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Diffuse_4k.jpg (22.34 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Height_4k.exr (29.39 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Normal_4k.png (98.10 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Roughness_4k.jpg (11.98 MB)
    •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_4k.blend (557.03 MB)
    •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_4k.png (3.48 MB) (48.92 MB)

  •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_2k
    •  textures
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Diffuse_2k.jpg (5.33 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Height_2k.exr (11.35 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Normal_2k.png (25.19 MB)
      •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_Roughness_2k.jpg (2.98 MB)
    •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_2k.blend (6.28 MB)
    •  TSB-0005 Stone Brick 5_2k.png (3.48 MB)

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