A beautiful 4x4m tileable wood floor material!
Available up to an incredible 16k, suitable for full room shots and close up shots if required.

EPL021 Istra Wood Light

The Blender material come with a highly customisable node group for making quick adjustments and adding dirt!
We were fed up with using wood floor textures which constantly required us to add our own dirt maps and specialised node groups to control and customise the wood floors.
So we built this into all our wood floors which should GREATLY increase your productivity.

No need to spend your precious time adding dirt, variations, scratches or simple colour corrections, its already done for you!

Colour Variations: Darkens random wood floor panels to add nice variations
Saturation: Allows you to adjust colour saturation of the wood
Roughness Level: Change how rough the floor is
Roughness Contrast: Reduce the amount of wood grain variation in the roughness map. Setting it to 0 will remove it
Normal Strength: Adjust Normal map strength
Dirt Roughness: Adds a roughness map to add a layer of dirt
Dirt Diffuse: Adds dirt to the diffuse layer, more obvious but gives a dust effect. Use lightly
Dirt Falloff: Like real dirt, it is most obvious when viewing at a lower angle to the ground. This allows you to adjust how close the dirt will appear to the camera. Also best used lightly and dont have it set too low.
Dirt Style: Allows you to switch between 2 different dirt maps. One is more like dust, the other is more like liquid marks
Diffuse Colour Cast Removal: Setting this to full will reduce how much colour bleeds onto the other objects from the floor. Best used when the floor is very saturated in colour (yellow/orange) with a bright orange sun coming into the room.
If your room becomes overly yellow/orange, then this slider can help you reduce the bleed effect. Not as physically accurate so use lightly.
Scratch amount: Increases the normal map intensity of a scratch map
Scratch size: Allows you to adjust the tiling level of the scratch map


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EPL021 Istra Wood Light

EGGER UK is providing iMeshh Ltd with décor scans from EGGER Decorative Collection 2020-2022 for use in CGI imagery for their third party customers. Décor scans provided by EGGER are to be used for this purpose only.
You do not have permission to resell or redistribute these textures.


The material contains a Zip file, with:

  • .blend file with material for 2.8+
  • Textures folder containing all relevant textures used on this product
  • Cycles ready object which contains the material which you can append into the scene

Great texturing is often left as an afterthought for arch-vis models, that is why we try to ensure most of our products contain some form of dirt map/scratches. You will not be disappointed.

Contains assets from CC0Textures.com, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.
Huge thanks to CC0 textures for their surface imperfections!


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Wood Floor 33

TWF-0033 Wood Floor 4k (82.94 MB)Download
TWF-0033 Wood Floor 8k (262.58 MB)Download
TWF-0033 Wood Floor 16k (856.29 MB)Download
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✓ Software: Blender

Expand File Contents

TWF-0033-4K.zip (82.94 MB)

  •  TWF-0033 4K
    •  textures
      •  Floor Dirt 2.jpg (6.36 MB)
      •  Floor Dirt .jpg (2.12 MB)
      •  Plank Variation.jpg (1.30 MB)
      •  Scratches003_4K_Normal.jpg (21.60 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Diffuse 4K.jpg (17.80 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Normal Map 4K.jpg (20.51 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Roughness 4K.jpg (13.06 MB)
    •  TWF-0033 v2.jpg (672.40 KB)
    •  TWF-0033 Wood Floor 4k.blend (3.09 MB)
    •  TWF-0033.jpg (521.04 KB)

TWF-0033-8K.zip (262.58 MB)

  •  TWF-0033 8K
    •  textures
      •  Floor Dirt 2.jpg (6.36 MB)
      •  Floor Dirt .jpg (2.12 MB)
      •  Plank Variation.jpg (1.30 MB)
      •  Scratches003_4K_Normal.jpg (21.60 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Diffuse 8K.jpg (79.69 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Normal Map 8K.jpg (97.78 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Roughness 8K.jpg (54.43 MB)
    •  TWF-0033 v2.jpg (672.40 KB)
    •  TWF-0033 Wood Floor 8k.blend (3.09 MB)
    •  TWF-0033.jpg (521.04 KB)

TWF-0033-16K.zip (856.29 MB)

  •  TWF-0033 16K
    •  textures
      •  Floor Dirt 2.jpg (6.36 MB)
      •  Floor Dirt .jpg (2.12 MB)
      •  Plank Variation.jpg (1.30 MB)
      •  Scratches003_4K_Normal.jpg (21.60 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Diffuse 16K.jpg (315.51 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Normal Map 16K.jpg (305.85 MB)
      •  TWF-0033 Roughness 16K.jpg (206.58 MB)
    •  TWF-0033 v2.jpg (672.40 KB)
    •  TWF-0033 Wood Floor 16K.blend (3.09 MB)
    •  TWF-0033.jpg (521.04 KB)

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