Introducing the White Central Mirror Closet from iMeshh, a sophisticated and practical asset for your 3D modeling needs. Designed to bring a touch of elegance and functionality to your visualizations, this model blends a crisp, white finish with the reflective depth of a central mirror, perfect for contemporary interior design themes.

Product Highlights:

  • Blender Optimized: This model is finely tuned for Blender, ensuring a seamless transition into your visualization workflow.
  • Elegant Design: The White Central Mirror Closet features sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic, complemented by a central mirror that adds a sense of space and light to any room.
  • Quality Mesh Construction: Crafted with a focus on geometry quality, the model uses clean topology with strategically placed quads to ensure top-notch visual results, even in close-up renders.
  • Realistic Texturing: Utilizing PBR materials, the closet boasts high-resolution textures that capture the subtle nuances of white painted wood and reflective glass.
  • Multi-Format Availability: Available in Blender-native, FBX, and glTF formats, the model is designed to integrate with a variety of tools and platforms for maximum versatility.
  • Ready-to-Use: Complete with all necessary textures and shaders, this asset is render-ready, designed for instant application to save you time and effort in achieving photorealistic presentations.

The White Central Mirror Closet isn’t just a 3D model; it’s a statement piece that marries beauty with utility. It stands out as a testament to your commitment to quality and style in visualization. Make this asset a cornerstone of your design repertoire and let it reflect the sophistication of your projects.


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White Central Mirror Closet 01

Mirror-Central-White_01 (78.23 MB)Download
Mirror-Central-White_01_glTF (76.47 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 25240

✓ Dimensions: 149 x 56 x 200 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

✓ License Type: Royalty Free

Expand File Contents (78.23 MB)

  •  Bedroom_Closets_Mirror-Central-White_01
    •  Bedroom_Closets_Mirror-Central-White_01.blend (618.55 KB)
    •  Bedroom_Closets_Mirror-Central-White_01.fbx (1.49 MB)
    •  Bedroom_Closets_Mirror-Central-White_01.png (2.29 MB)
    •  textures
      •  iMeshh dust.jpg (1.19 MB)
      •  Metal_Steel_Dirty_Diffuse_4k.jpg (1.66 MB)
      •  Metal_Steel_Dirty_Metallic_4k.jpg (793.47 KB)
      •  Metal_Steel_Dirty_Normal_4k.png (20.34 MB)
      •  Metal_Steel_Dirty_Roughness_4k.jpg (1.85 MB)
      •  SurfaceImperfections003_2K_var1.jpg (702.49 KB)
      •  Wood_Fineline_Cream_Diffuse_4k.jpg (3.80 MB)
      •  Wood_Fineline_Cream_Normal_4k.jpg (12.15 MB)
      •  Wood_Fineline_Cream_Roughness_4k.jpg (5.13 MB)
      •  Wood_Oak_Sorano_Natural_Diffuse_4k.jpg (3.86 MB)
      •  Wood_Oak_Sorano_Natural_Normal_4k.jpg (19.26 MB)
      •  Wood_Oak_Sorano_Natural_Roughness_4k.jpg (3.39 MB) (76.47 MB)

  •  Bedroom_Closets_Mirror-Central-White_01
    •  Bedroom_Closets_Mirror-Central-White_01.glb (76.66 MB)

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