WARNING: This is a GPU heavy object. This object uses a very high quality displacement map to give it a very realistic towel look.
Here are some tricks to help if you’re having VRAM issues:

  1. Use Simplify in the render settings to lower texture size.
  2. Use a higher Dicing Rate value in render settings
  3. Move further away from objects with adaptive subdivision. The closer you are, the more subdivisions are applied
  4. Turn off experimental mode entirely and use the standard node displacement. Again, won’t look as good but might be fine when you’re further away from the camera.
  5. Use the displacement .jpg version in the textures folder. Not as accurate as the .exr, but should be fine for a lot of cases.
  6. Remove displacement entirely, it won’t look as nice but the normal map should do a good job still. This is especially true when the towel is not the focus and further away from the camera.

Sadly this is the huge downside to GPU focuses render engines, RAM is limited.

BUT if you are in need of the highest quality towel materials in Blender for your next bathroom visualisation then look no further!


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Towels Rail 01

Towels-Rail_01 (111.35 MB)Download
Towels-Rail_01_glTF (18.96 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.3+

✓ Polygon Count: 192430

✓ Dimensions: 57 x 14 x 69 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

✓ License Type: Royalty Free

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Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01.zip (111.35 MB)

  •  Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01
    •  Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01.blend (2.61 MB)
    •  Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01.fbx (11.49 MB)
    •  Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01.png (3.37 MB)
    •  textures
      •  Dust.jpg (2.34 MB)
      •  Fabric_WhiteBlue_FallOff_4k.jpg (2.53 MB)
      •  Fabric_WhiteBlue_glossiness_4k.jpg (582.95 KB)
      •  Fabric_WhiteBlue_height_4k.jpg (3.14 MB)
      •  Fabric_WhiteBlue_normal_4k.jpg (12.10 MB)
      •  Fabric_Zig_Green.jpg (4.86 MB)
      •  Polished_Old_plastic_glossiness 3.jpg (787.18 KB)
      •  Polished_Old_plastic_normal.jpg (858.57 KB)
      •  towel1_basecolorStriped.jpg (3.00 MB)
      •  towel1_height2.exr (57.45 MB)
      •  towel1_normal.jpg (11.29 MB)

Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01_glTF.zip (18.96 MB)

  •  Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01
    •  Bathroom_Details_Towels-Rail_01.glb (19.67 MB)

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