Fluffy Oval Pouf Blender 3D Model

Unveiling a fluffy oval pouf Blender 3D model, this piece adds a burst of texture and a playful accent to any virtual living space. The rich, shaggy fabric captures light and shadow with realistic depth, making it a visually striking addition to Blender 3D interior scenes. This Blender furniture 3D model, with its lush, tactile surface, invites virtual interaction and brings a cozy element to Blender visualizations.

Key Features

  • Type & Style: This pouf is a modern and casual Blender 3D model, embodying a fun and textured design that serves as both a decorative and functional element in Blender digital environments.
  • Materials: The Blender model uses the latest Blender fur system for hyper realistic looks.
  • Colors: The pouf Blender model is rendered in a vibrant, golden-orange hue, infusing warmth and energy into any Blender scene, and easily becoming the focal point of a room.
  • Usage in Blender: Designed for flexibility in Blender, this 3D model is optimized to react beautifully to virtual lighting, enhancing the sense of realism in Blender animations or still renders.

With its unique shape and inviting texture, this fluffy oval pouf Blender 3D model is a delightful accessory to any virtual space, perfect for injecting personality and comfort into Blender projects.


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Orange Furry Pouf 01

Seating_Poufs_Furry_01 (6.56 MB)Download
Seating_Poufs_Furry_01_glTF (19.26 KB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 2208

✓ Dimensions: 136 x 137 x 53 cm

✓ Subdividable: Yes

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

✓ License Type: Royalty Free

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Seating_Poufs_Furry_01.zip (6.56 MB)

  •  Seating_Poufs_Furry_01
    •  Seating_Poufs_Furry_01.blend (4.07 MB)
    •  Seating_Poufs_Furry_01.fbx (145.65 KB)
    •  Seating_Poufs_Furry_01.png (2.39 MB)

Seating_Poufs_Furry_01_glTF.zip (19.26 KB)

  •  Seating_Poufs_Furry_01
    •  Seating_Poufs_Furry_01.glb (27.61 KB)

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