A modern set with a industrial feel! The chairs have been duplicated as instances to reduce the required computing power to render. (Use instances where ever possible!)

Please note: Due to a known bug in Corona and Blender, the ColourRamp node resets to its default setting. Please ensure the colour ramp has white to the left and black to the right. This inverts the colours.
The Tone map shade does have an “invert” button, but that too currently has a bug in which it does not accurately represent the inverted colours.

The bugs mentioned above might be fixed by the time you are reading this


Inspired by Assembly Table Oval and Akron dining chair


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Industrial modern Dining Table

DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table Set (145.72 MB)Download
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✓ Software: Blender Corona

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DT-0009-Industrial-Modern-Dining-Table.zip (145.72 MB)

  •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table Corona.blend (22.98 MB)
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table Cycles.blend (22.71 MB)
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table DAE.dae (39.34 MB)
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table FBX.fbx (7.46 MB)
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table OBJ.mtl (1.88 KB)
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table OBJ.obj (22.05 MB)
    •  DT-0009 Industrial Modern Dining Table.png (1.03 MB)
    •  textures
      •  fabric patchy_diffuse.png (7.67 MB)
      •  fabric patchy_glossiness.png (5.59 MB)
      •  fabric patchy_normal.png (23.58 MB)
      •  iMeshh StripeDarkKnotWood)_diffuse VAR2.png (6.84 MB)
      •  iMeshh StripeDarkKnotWood)_glossiness VAR3.png (13.40 MB)
      •  iMeshh StripeDarkKnotWood)_normal VAR2.png (20.23 MB)
      •  SimpleOldPaint_diffuse.png (2.45 MB)
      •  SimpleOldPaint_glossiness.png (1.33 MB)
      •  SimpleOldPaint_normal.png (4.87 MB)
      •  SimpleOldPaint2_diffuse.png (4.09 MB)
      •  SimpleOldPaint2_glossiness.png (1.41 MB)
      •  SimpleOldPaint2_normal.png (5.55 MB)
      •  Wood Bump2.png (4.96 MB)
      •  Wood normal.png (7.30 MB)

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