A black couch fabric with varying colours of thread to give a nice fabric appearance.

Normal map creases too strong? I’ve supplied another variation with less creases in the files.


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Black Couch Fabric

TF-0004 Black Couch Fabric (398.24 MB)Download
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✓ Software: Blender Corona

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TF-0004-iMeshh-Black-Couch.zip (398.24 MB)

  •  1k
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_diffuse 1k.png (2.36 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_glossiness 1k.png (1.18 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_height 1k.png (929.66 KB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normal 1k.png (2.72 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normalVAR2 1k.png (2.33 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_specular 1k.png (861.94 KB)
  •  2k
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_diffuse 2k.png (7.41 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_glossiness 2k.png (3.60 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_height 2k.png (2.54 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normal 2k.png (10.04 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normalVAR2 2k.png (8.49 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_specular 2k.png (2.62 MB)
  •  4k
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_diffuse 4k.png (91.94 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_glossiness 4k.png (25.59 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_height 4k.png (24.46 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normal 4k.png (96.02 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normalVAR2 4k.png (91.08 MB)
    •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_specular 4k.png (23.48 MB)
  •  iMeshh Black Couch Fabric Corona.blend (700.43 KB)
  •  iMeshh Black Couch Fabric Cycles.blend (637.07 KB)
  •  TF-0004 Imeshh black Couch 1.jpg (220.88 KB)
  •  TF-0004 Imeshh black Couch 2.jpg (351.69 KB)

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