This model was created by iMeshh for

This stool can be found on their store HERE

This chair comes in a bunch of different colour choices! All are included in the models. You can easily remove the ones you don’t need but we wanted to give you all the options!

At iMeshh we wanted to find REAL high quality furniture made by REAL manufactures to be used by Interior Designs, 3D Artists and Architects. As Arch-vis and interior artists ourselves, we understand the need for using real life furniture to elevate your projects

This model can be used in personal and commercial projects, however, this 3D model may not be redistributed, transferred or sold without written consent.



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✓ Software: Blender

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    •  TAKEHOMEDESIGN_SIM Chair.blend (4.08 MB)
    •  TAKEHOMEDESIGN_SIM Chair.fbx (1.94 MB)
    •  TAKEHOMEDESIGN_SIM Chair_Oak Soft Blue.jpg (310.21 KB)
    •  TAKEHOMEDESIGN_SIM Chair_Oak.jpg (330.21 KB)
    •  textures
      •  DefaultFabricMaskv2.jpg (967.19 KB)
      •  Fabric_Glossiness.jpg (1.77 MB)
      •  Fabric_normal.jpg (5.69 MB)
      •  LeatherBlackPatches_glossiness jpg.jpg (9.03 MB)
      •  LeatherBlackPatches_normal2.jpg (17.72 MB)
      •  TW_0070_Normal4K_2.jpg (25.17 MB)
      •  TW_0070_Wood70_Base_Color4K_3.jpg (14.58 MB)
      •  TW-0124 4K 3.jpg (9.24 MB)
      •  TW-0124 4K N.jpg (6.48 MB)
      •  TW-0124 4K R.jpg (9.78 MB)
      •  Wrinkle Fabric_Normal.jpg (15.98 MB)
      •  Wrinkle Fabric_Normal_Blur.jpg (578.34 KB)

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