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This rug will work absolutely fine in Cycles and other renderers but this rug was mainly developed for Corona Renderer & Blender. If you’ve ever tried to export a furry rug from Blender to Corona, you’ll know that it can take a VERY long time to export.

Because of this, here at iMeshh we are developing rugs which resemble shaggy rugs with thick fibres. We have also used as little fibres as we can get away with which allows us to keep the poly count relatively low for a faster export time to Corona Standalone. Minutes instead of hours.

This is the first of many, with some upcoming rugs using multiple fibre shapes, different patterns and other fun stuff, so stay tuned!


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Shaggy rug

FD-0005 Shaggy Rug1 (172.15 MB)Download
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✓ Software: Blender Corona

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FD-0005-Shaggy-Rug.zip (172.15 MB)

  •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug
    •  FD-0005 rug 2.png (1.30 MB)
    •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug Corona.blend (99.65 MB)
    •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug Cycles.blend (99.56 MB)
    •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug DAE.dae (158.91 MB)
    •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug FBX.fbx (42.04 MB)
    •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug OBJ.mtl (444.00 B)
    •  FD-0005 Shaggy Rug OBJ.obj (94.32 MB)

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