Kick start your Scandinavian style bedroom with a lovely white style bed. This bed comes with fairy lights so you don’t need to spend ages trying to wrap around a wire yourself.

Want to get the same bokeh effect as in the product shot? Make sure you’ve selected 5 blades in your camera settings. Choose High Quality for better accuracy


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Scandinavian Style Bed

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✓ Software: Blender Corona

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    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style bed 11.jpg (150.42 KB)
    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style Creased Corona.blend (139.65 MB)
    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style Creased Cycles.blend (139.42 MB)
    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style Creased DAE.dae (218.98 MB)
    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style Creased FBXa.fbx (47.29 MB)
    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style Creased OBJ.mtl (2.11 KB)
    •  BB-0011 Scandinavian style Creased OBJ.obj (130.40 MB)
    •  textures
      •  iMesh Wood1Ref.jpg (55.91 MB)
      •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_glossiness 2k.png (25.59 MB)
      •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_normal 2k.png (23.99 MB)
      •  iMeshh Couch Black Creases_White 2k.png (22.12 MB)
      •  iMeshh Couch Weave_diffuse 2k.png (20.99 MB)
      •  iMeshh Couch Weave_glossiness 2k.png (6.68 MB)
      •  iMeshh Couch Weave_normal 2k.png (24.04 MB)
      •  iMeshh Light Surface Imperfection NRM.png (1.08 MB)