Blender 3D Metal Cabinet from iMeshh.

Delve into the world of Blender with our modern metal cabinet 3D model. Crafted meticulously for Blender 3D, this piece boasts of not just functional design but also high-quality 3D attributes. Its sleek appearance makes it a versatile addition, perfect for accompanying a workbench or standing alone in a professional setting. With its optimized geometry, this model ensures smooth integration into any Blender scene, making it ideal for a variety of projects.

Key Features:

  • Main 3D Asset: A well-structured metal cabinet model with a focus on realism and detail.
  • Textures: High-resolution textures that bring out the metal’s authentic feel and look.
  • Shaders: Custom shaders that give the cabinet a realistic metallic sheen, ensuring it reacts appropriately to different lighting conditions in Blender.
  • Secondary items: Detailed handles and hinges, both in terms of design and texture, enhancing the overall realism.
  • Thematic elements: A design language that reflects practicality, making it suitable for workshop or garage scenes.
  • Compatibility: Designed for seamless integration with various Blender versions, streamlining the Blender model download process.

Conclusion: Our metal cabinet is more than just a Blender furniture model; it’s a testament to quality 3D design. From its detailed textures to its custom shaders, every aspect is crafted for realism and utility. If you’re on the hunt for premium Blender 3D models that offer both aesthetics and technical prowess, this cabinet is an excellent choice. It embodies what every 3D blender model should be – detailed, realistic, and versatile.


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Metal Tall Cabinet 01

Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01 (12.17 MB)Download
Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01 gltf (22.92 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.5+

✓ Polygon Count: 7866

✓ Dimensions: 85 x 42 x 190 cm

✓ Subdividable: No

✓ Software: Blender FBX glTF

Expand File Contents (12.17 MB)

  •  Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01
    •  Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01.blend (225.16 KB)
    •  Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01.fbx (498.48 KB)
    •  Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01.png (1.52 MB)
    •  textures
      •  Iron Worn_normal_4k.jpg (5.31 MB)
      •  Iron Worn_roughness_4k.jpg (2.10 MB)
      •  Plastic_Grain_glossiness 2.jpg (1.15 MB)
      •  Plastic_Grain_normal.jpg (1.59 MB) (22.92 MB)

  •  Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01
    •  Storage_Commercial-Storage_Tall-Cabinet_01.glb (23.08 MB)

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