Check out our high-quality, animated gobo for Blender, designed to cast realistic tree shadows in your 3D scenes. Perfect for architectural visualization, landscape rendering, or interior design projects, this versatile gobo brings a natural touch of lighting to enhance your scene’s atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Smooth loop animation: Our gobo has a seamless, looping animation that creates a consistent and natural-looking shadow effect in your scene.
  • Spotlight and plane options: Choose between a spotlight setup to project the gobo directly into your scene or import a plane that casts the tree shadow when you’ve already set up your lighting.
  • Blender compatibility: Made just for Blender users, this gobo is easy to add to your projects, letting you bring nature’s beauty into your renders with no hassle.
  • Perfect plant cutouts with high-quality details: The intricate design of our gobo captures the fine details of tree shadows, resulting in a lifelike and visually appealing effect.

Upgrade your Blender lighting with our plant shadow gobo and see your scenes come to life with nature’s charm. This gobo is great for anyone looking to add depth, realism, and a unique atmosphere to their projects. Don’t miss this essential addition to your Blender collection.


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Gobo Tree Animated 02

LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02 (109.73 MB)Download
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✓ Blender Version: 3.3+

✓ Software: Blender

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  •  LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02
    •  LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02_plane.blend (863.12 KB)
    •  LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02_plane.jpg (1.38 MB)
    •  LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02_spot.blend (846.41 KB)
    •  LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02_spot.jpg (1.37 MB)
    •  textures
      •  LightFX_Gobo_Tree_Animated_02.mp4 (107.08 MB)

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