Work for iMeshh

Thank you for your interest in iMeshh. 

We are looking for 3D modellers to help contribute to our monthly releases. We are looking for people who are both proficient in hard surface models, and fabric soft models.

To help us consider who to hire we will ask for the applicant to:
1) Fill out the form below
2) Create 2 specific models
3) Create a model of their choice

The images for the 2 specific models we would like you to create can be found in the button below. The third model can be whatever you like, but a hard-surface model or fabric model would be ideal 🙂

Due to the high number of submissions we cannot respond to every application, but we will let you know if we want to hear more information from you.

The 3D models guidelines

These models will be tested on the following:

Model Quality
For model quality we will require any applicant to consider:

  1. Poly count. Please do not make the model more polygons than it needs to be.
    1. As an example, a small cylinder for a very very minor part of a model with 32 edges which then has subdivision level 2 is too much. At this point adding subdivisions to this cylinder adds no visible quality and the poly count can be reduced
  2. Bevel edges. Please make sure all visible edges are bevelled!
  3. Because our models will mostly be made ready to render, please try to attach all objects where possible. Please go in with the mindset from the very beginning with the aim to join all objects. This makes it considerably easier to work with for our customers. This means you need to plan from the beginning which modifiers you all objects will use while keeping an eye on the poly count.
    1. For example, if the only possibility to join all the objects is to apply a subdivision level 2 modifier on one of the objects, then is there something you can do to reduce the poly count for this object after you applied subdivision level 2?
    2. Of course some objects are impossible to join without adding considerably more polygons and if so make sure all objects are parented to the most major part of the object. 
  4. Please check your smooth shading! Have you added smooth shading to a cube which now looks like every surface has a gradient?
    1. This can be fixed with different methods such as weighted normals, autosmooth, additional loop cuts, simply removing the end face (if the face is hidden already)
  5. Check object scale, is it the real life scale?
  6. Make origin point to the correct point
    1. For example, origin to the bottom of a sofa, to the top of a lamp, to the side  of the face
    2. The  origin should be in a location which makes it most easiest to scale
  7. Check face normal direction, is it inverted?
  8. Apply rotations and scales
  9. Name the object(s) correctly


  1. Make sure UVs are the correct size so the materials don’t look odd.
    1. For example a huge 2m wood material on a 10cm object. Or a 50cm wood texture on a 2m object, this will look pixelated and bad
  2. Please try to avoid fully procedural materials
    1. Because we offer FBX and GLTF, some users may want to use the object in other software so we must have all textures available. if it is a fully procedural material then these users won’t be able to use them
    2. If it uses a procedural noise texture to add a little more definition to the bump map then that’s fine.
  3. Please use CC0 textures or textures from your own creation. VERY IMPORTANT! Just search CC0 textures on google for a very good list of free download locations
  4. Maximum 4k texture sizes, if totally necessary.
    1. If a texture is on a small object or not very visible then please only 2k. 4k textures can sometimes be overkill
  5. Only PNG for normal maps.
    1. If the normal map is hardly visible or does not contribute much then please convert it to jpg

General guidelines

  1. Please do not send us the blend1 file, its unnecessary data. Just send us the .blend and textures
  2. Please unpack textures into a textures folder and zip up .blend and the textures
  3. No need to render the object. We just want to see the modelling quality. We can provide a render scene if we want to move forward.
  4. This model must be of your own creation!!